The Copec Rally Chile adds points, since for the next version of the World Rally Championship date to be held in our country, we can enjoy the Junior category of the World Rally Championship.

To remain evolving in the world of the world rally, it is necessary to demand the continuous development and evolution of the competition, that is why the production of the championship dared to take a new step and thus continue to enhance the competition.

Before the authorities of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), they applied to host one of the five dates of the Junior category (JWRC), a series in which they intend to support the future of the new Chilean and South American talents. It was not an easy task, although much more difficult it was two years ago to aspire to host one of the dates of the World Cup. The Junior World Rally Championship was played until this season only in Wales, Sweden, Finland, France and Spain.

The departure of this last country from the WRC 2020 calendar gave Chile the option to host the Junior Cup next year. “It will be something historical, since this competition in which future pilots participate has never been held outside Europe, and we will be the first to take it to South America”, declared the Chilean rally promoter Felipe Horta after confirming the positive news for our date.

A Junior car in the 2018 season


The Junior World Championship has been transformed into the school for the maximum referents of the activity. The series is intended for pilots up to 27 years and who have not been a priority for the WRC participating teams, that is, they cannot have been registered for the world championship or have achieved a top ten in the last two seasons in the maximum category.

Without going any further today in the main series today two world champions record past in the Junior category.

Without doubt the most famous is the French Sébastien Loeb, today a Hyundai driver, nine times world champion. The 2001 reached first place in the JWRC anticipating what a huge sports career would be. Then with 27 years he gave enough evidence to continue climbing until he had a definitive armchair in the maximum series. His compatriot Sébastian Ogier, six-time world champion in the WRC, also records a step through the Junior series, where like Loeb, he reached the world title in the 2008.

Sebastien Loeb with his historic navigator Daniel Elena in 2001, the year he won his first title in the junior category in Catalonia.

The JWRC category that will arrive in Chile along with the date of the world championship is mono brand. That is, a single manufacturer is the one that delivers the cars, so the difference is clearly marked by the ability of the pilots and navigators. Currently the championship is led by the British M-Sport team, in charge of the development of Ford World Rally Team cars.

For the Junior series, all competitors drive the latest Ford Fiesta R2. This is a car specially manufactured for the competition, which in this case is designed and developed at the company's base in Krakow, Poland. The racing car that Chile's rally production will bring to our country, has an 999 engine with cubic centimeters, front-wheel drive, with a five-speed sequential gearbox, electronically controlled, turbocharged with three cylinders, and with the ability to develop up to 200 horsepower.

The Chilean Emilio Fernández running in the Rally of Turkey 2018, Junior category.

For the Chilean Emilio Fernández, this category was fundamental to achieve a positive development in his career, both in the Copec RallyMobil and in the world circuit. “You learn a lot in the WRC Junior category. The experience you gain is vital to advance your aspirations as a pilot and also measure yourself with the best exponents in the world. ”

One of the big news is that the 12 cars that will arrive in Chile by the date of the JWRC will stay in the country, as agreed by general producer Felipe Horta with Malcolm Wilson, owner of M-Sport. These will become part of a regional championship, with exactly the same competition standards of the world championship, endorsed by the International Automobile Federation (FIA), which will be held on the seven dates following the April planetary appointment of 2020 in the Region del Biobío, using local competition as a framework, that is, the Copec RallyMóbil.

The Ford Fiesta R2 manufactured by M-Sport in Poland

The winner of the regional competition will have a really remarkable incentive, since the organization will deliver to the first place nothing less than the possibility of participating in the Junior World Cup of the 2021 season in its five dates with all expenses paid.

It is certainly a tremendous boost for Chilean and continental Motosport.