According to the events in the country and public knowledge, the organization and production of the COPEC RallyMobil championship, together with the Federation of Sports Motoring of Chile (FADECH), has established an evaluation committee with the Regional Intendance of the Rivers , the Provincial Government of Ranco, the illustrious Municipalities of La Unión and Río Bueno and the Police Headquarters of the XIV Zona de los Ríos in order to analyze the continuity of the event.

After the deliberations of the respective authorities, the organization informs you:

-That the second stage of the La Unión-Río Bueno Grand Prix scheduled for Sunday (October 20) of the sixth date of the COPEC RallyMobil championship has been suspended.

-That sports authorities will soon inform the score assigned to the competition according to the first stage actually contested.

Best regards.

Kurt Horta Cáceres

Race Director

Gonzalo Concha

Sports Commissioner / Vice President of FADECH

Felipe Horta

General Producer COPEC RallyMobil