The last date of the 2019 season of the main national motor championship will not be played and the organization defines the champions of the categories.

According to the events that took place in the country, the organizers of the Copec RallyMobil together with the authorities of the Chilean Automobile Federation and together with the drivers and representatives of the competing teams, agreed this morning to suspend the last double date of the tournament, which would include the Fresia-Frutillar and Motorshow Grand Prix, scheduled to take place next 11, 12, 13 14 and December 15 in the Los Lagos Region.

The measure arises from the concerns of the teams and organizers before the
impossibility of having enough security contingent so that this large event can be carried out in the terms that were being developed. "We deeply regret that the season should be closed in this way, but all the contestants are confident that it is the best determination and we are sure that starting today we will start working to make a great 2020 season of the Copec RallyMobil," said Felipe Horta , general producer Copec RallyMobil.

Following this cancellation, the triumph of the binomial of Emilio Rosselot and Tomás Cañete in the R3 category is confirmed, after a consistent season, while the crew consisting of Patricio Muñoz and Miguel Recalt remained with the title of the R2 series. In addition, the podium is ratified in the competitive R5 with Jorge Martínez and Alberto Álvarez in the first place, followed by Pedro Heller and Marc Martí, and with Alejandro Cancio and Santiago García closing the group of winners.


Pilot / Navigator Team Points
1 Jorge Martínez / Alberto Álvarez CB Tech Rally by Sköda 128 pts
2 Pedro Heller / Marc Marti Team Rally Joker 87 pts
3 Alejandro Cancio / Santiago García CB Tech Rally by Sköda 78.5 pts


Pilot / Navigator Team Points
1 Emilio Rosselot / Tomás Cañete Rosselot Rally Team 146 pts
2 Ian Sierlecki / Oswaldo Carbone Citroën Monster Procircuit Rally Team 115.5 pts
3 Mario Hart / Pablo Olmos CB Tech Rally by Sköda 90 pts


Pilot / Navigator Team Points
1 Patricio Muñoz / Miguel Recalt Eme Racing Team 127 pts
2 Eduardo Kovacs / Juan Pablo Carrera Team Chevrolet Kovacs GMAC 99 pts
3 Luigi Contin / Alberto Bouvier Team MRT Motorsport 78.5 pts