E. Rosselot: "I want to win in Rancagua"

The Viñamarino driver is finishing the last details in his Mitsubishi Evo X after the blow suffered by the car in Curicó.

The minor of the Rosselot clan, Emilio, has had a complicated adaptation to his new vehicle (Mitsubishi Evo X). In addition to the mechanical problems he has suffered, on the last date of Curicó he damaged his car when he hit it with a stone that was on the edge of the road. After the accident the viñamarino doubted to continue running with his car this season.

"When I crashed in Curicó, this year, I thought about quitting the Mitsubishi Evo X and running again with the Evo IX, but with more calm, I must accept the fact that it is a car that is in development, so I have to get back in the car and gain confidence. There is also a commercial issue with the brand, so I will continue with the Evo X, "explained the viñamarino.

For the weekend of 8, 9 and 10 in June, Emilio Rosselot hopes to find the victory in the capital of the sixth region, which has been elusive for the young Viñamarino this year.

"I want to be able to do the same thing that I did last year in Curicó, I managed to overcome the bad moment I was living after the Condell Hill accident and I managed to win. Now I have to do it again, I have to get over the subject of the car and the confidence, I want to win in Rancagua, "said Rosselot.

The third date of the season will be vital for the projections of the Viñamarino because if he does not get a good result, Emilio Rosselot, should begin to forget this year's title and start thinking about the 2013 season.