Alain Penasse, Team Manager Hyundai Mobis WRT was present in a new edition of the weekly program that attracts rallies from Chile and the world. There was also Felipe Espinoza, Team Leader of the Joker Rally Team, who reviewed what Alberto Heller did at the Uruguay Rally last weekend.

It was a pleasant conversation with the panel, highlighting the presence of Copec RallyMobil General Producer and Copec Rally Chile, Felipe Horta, who gave us some things for the next season.

It became clear that production will continue to work harder even after the suspension of the last date of the 2019 season and that the pre-world date planned for December of 2020 will be a reality. Along with that, another confirmation from Peru lifted our spirits in the face of the next challenges. Although it was already known, Carlos Castro through telephone contact said that the Copec RallyMobil in Peru is a fact and encouraged both countries to work for the project.

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