By Juan Cruz Mathus

The loose stones on the road and the blind sectors of the itinerary that makes up the second edition of the La Unión-Río Bueno Rally became the central axes of the first stage, a day that decimated a good part of the competitors, among which the Duet composed by Jorge Martínez and Alberto Álvarez Nicholson is the one who heads the general classification.

The current leaders of the COPEC RallyMobil championship prevailed with the Škoda Fabia R5 of the CBTech team in the first three sections of the morning and then in another three in the afternoon (including the longest of the day, of 26.34 km in its two passes) , leaving one -the sixth- to Alberto Heller, his escort in general terms with the Ford Fiesta Mk2 to 28.7s.

With the effective style that characterizes him, Martínez could in the second stage be more calculating depending on his aspirations to the scepter. On the other hand, Heller (Joker Rally Team) had to open the route, a condition that pilots do not always enjoy, and later made a spin, despite which he ended the day more than satisfied and with enough euphoria to hold that tomorrow will go out to discount land and seek victory.

With another Fabia, the Argentines Alejandro Cancio and Santiago García occupy the third place, achieved in a day in which they had to change the strategy and be somewhat more careful with the car depending on the amount of loose stone that presented the road and that was One of the factors that most influenced when evaluating the reasons why there were 12 dropouts, that is, 37% of those scored that actually started. The difference between Cancio and his teammate is 1m20.9s.

Content with the fact that he was compelling in the driving of the Volkswagen Polo GTI that he is driving for the second time, Pedro Heller marches fourth, delayed a bit by a puncture of the left front tire that forced him to stop changing the wheel and postpone a long time in front to others.

Overcoming a sore throat, Cristóbal Vidaurre managed to be fifth with another of the Škoda, preceding the Citroën C3 of Vicente and Benjamin Israel, who at one time of the PE4 got on two wheels and got rid of a compromised situation .

Emilio Fernández (Škoda) was eighth after recognizing that it was difficult to find the necessary speed in these special specials that were proposing permanent rhythm changes in their conformation. Samuel Israel (Citroën C3) finished ninth and Tomás Etcheverry tenth with the only Hyundai i20 that arrived at the park closed, after losing valuable seconds by puncturing the right front rubber over the end.

Alex Heilbrunn turned his Fabia on hitting a slope, but neither he nor his co-driver Diego Cagnotti suffered consequences and could even continue in the race.

Winning in all sections the R3 class, Emilio Rosselot and Tomás Cañete, with their Citroën DS3, surpass the similar machines of Peruvians Mario Hart (for 2m45.6s) and Ian Sierlecki (for 3m39.9s), who in turn are placed in the sub-categories R3 Lite.

Uruguayans Luigi Contin and Federico Rodríguez dominated the scene of the R2 with their Peugeot 208 until the penultimate sector, having been the fastest three times, but in the final commitment of the afternoon he had to leave when hitting the bottom of the car. With this, Contin delegated the tip to the also blunt Facundo Opawsky, one of the returns that this event shows, navigated by Sebastián Medrano.

Without having experienced serious problems, Opawsky outperforms Opel Adam by Eduardo Kovacs by 1m38.8s and by Carlos Prieto Peugeot by 4m20.2s (who is also first in R2 Lite). José Quezada is fourth with Ford Fiesta. Patricio Muñoz and Miguel Recalt could have celebrated the obtaining of the title here, but the broken coil of his 208 left plastic waste in the crankcase and the engine was severely resentful as to continue.

In addition to the stones that caused multiple damages, blind areas are added to the list of causes of problems or withdrawals. Among them, those of Martín Scuncio (Hyundai i20 R5, broken front suspension, PE2), Luis Rosselot (Mitsubishi Mirage R5, electrical problems, PE2), Francisco López (Peugeot 208 T16 R5, broken front suspension, PE3), Felipe stand out Rossi (Ford Fiesta R5, steering rack hit, PE3), Tadeo Rosselot (Citroën DS3 R3, road exit, PE1), Gerardo Rosselot (Renault Clio R3, road exit, PE3), Sebastián Silva (Renault Clio R3, suspension front broken while going second, PE6), Fernanda Israel (Peugeot 208 R2, road exit, PE1), Jonathan Bastidas (Ford Fiesta R2, mechanical problems, PE2), Harold Cohen (Ford Fiesta R2, rear right mace broken, PE3) and Luis Núñez (Peugeot 208 R2, mechanical problems, PE7). The most complicated cases to re-engage with Sunday activity mites are those of Luis Rosselot, Muñoz and López.


The second stage, which provides for a radiant sun and a mild weather like today, starts tomorrow at 8: 13 and ends at 15: 39 after an itinerary with eight special tests on schedule. They will be 171.81 total kilometers (69.34 speed and 102.47 links).