By Jorge Silva C.

After arriving with a considerable advantage to La Unión - Río Bueno, the CBTech Rally by Skoda driver buckled the title of the 2019 season of the R5 category, after winning the first and only stage of the date. The race was interrupted for security reasons, since between the pilots and the production the decision was made to suspend the race due to the political and social situation in the country.

Although the sixth date of the 2019 calendar was affected by the suspension, the champion takes out happy accounts thanks to what was done during the year. Martinez has imposed himself in four of the six contested days, which has already added 128 units, an unattainable difference for his closest follower, Pedro Heller (86,5 points) of the Joker Rally Team.

The penist was happy, but along with his team and others in the R5 category, they empathized with the national crisis and in agreement with the production, supported the suspension of the southern date. There will be time to celebrate, there are also the dates of Fresia - Frutillar and Motorshow, instances where the binomial of Jorge Martínez and Alberto Álvarez could increase the distance with the rest of the competitors. Separate note for the experienced Argentine navigator who has just won his tenth title in the Copec RallyMobil Championship.


“We suspended the race for safety reasons, which is definitely the most important argument our championship has in terms of its development and sports performance on the routes of our country. Carabineros informed us that there was probably going to be a displacement by the Carabineros security device of the region in the face of the complicated situation that was being experienced and together with the respective authorities, the decision was made ”commented Felipe Horta.