Beauty takes the RallyMobil

Valeria Ivanna Mariani is the new navigator of the Automotora Agustinas Rally team and will be in charge of supporting Eduardo Fernández this weekend.

The co-pilot of Argentine origin will be in charge of replacing the experienced national navigator Eugenio Carvallo, who seconded the pilot of the Automotora Agustinas team, Eduardo Fernández, on the dates of Osorno and Curicó.

But the 35 years old Cordovan, Valeira Mariani, has a lot of experience in the rally, debuted as a navigator in the Provincial of Córdoba in 1999. He also participated in the A6 Class aboard a Fiat Palio in the same province, up to 2006. In 2008 participates in Bolivia in the National Rally with Victor Zurita in a Peugeot 206 aboard a Class A6, becoming the first woman to participate as a navigator in the Bolivian National Championship and the first navigator of Argentina in a championship abroad .

In 2011, she won the N4B Class of the Cordovan Provincial Rally on board a Subaru Impreza STi and currently competes sailing with Rafael Harvas in a Fiat Punto Maxi Rally, also in the province of Córdoba.

But the Argentine co-driver is not the only beauty to participate this season in the RallyMobil Championship. In the first date of the national championship, the Inacap Orion Rally team driver, Jordi Serón, was seconded by Ana María Sáez.