The VI Region is committed

The political authorities of the O'Higgins Region gave the go to the most important car competition in the country that long morning to the 19: 00 hours in front of the crescent of Rancagua. On Saturday and Sunday the race will cover the routes of the commune of Machalí.

With the main regional authorities of the Region of Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins, led by the Mayor, Patricio Rey, was inaugurated today at noon the third date of the Rancagua-Machalí RallyMobil "Claro Xperia Grand Prize" to be held to tell from tomorrow to the 19: 00 hours, with the participation of 56 binomials.

The municipality that owns the house, Rancagua, was the scene for the press conference that had as protagonists the local mayor, Eduardo Soto Romero; the mayor of Machalí, José Miguel Urrutia; the subprefect of the services of the prefecture of the Cachapoal police, commander Manuel Gálvez; the regional director of the IND, Diego Ramírez; the pilots Alejandro García Huidobro and Tomás Etcheverry; and Mayor Patricio Rey.

"I am very grateful that the RallyMobil is held for the third time in our region, which allows it to be in all national media and also go abroad. The idea is to promote the region at a tourist level and in this the rally is an international window. I welcome the sport and that the competition is developed with a great sporting spirit, "said the Mayor, urging the three local figures to get their face across the region.

The three pilots of the zone are Alejandro García-Huidobro, Vicente García Huidobro and Miguel Aranda, who will compete in the N3 and N3 Light category, the last two. The most experienced and champion of the N3 Light 2009 is Alejandro, who wishes to break the bad fortune he has had in the first two dates of the contest.

"We have not finished either of the two races because of technical problems with the car. It has been quite frustrating. The invitation that the DMas Competición team gave me was to have a car to win the tournament, but for various reasons the circumstances have not been given, so we are very worried. This weekend we want to turn the page with a win in Rancagua ", explained Alejandro García-Huidobro

For his part, the mayor of the house, Eduardo Soto Romero, expressed his satisfaction that the "Claro Xperia Grand Prize" was held in the region "I remember that the first time (2010) was weeks after the 27 / 2 earthquake. I will not forget that rainy night of the official departure, with the people in the rain filling Plaza Los Heroes. And the second occasion (2011), with an intense cold. I hope the weather will benefit us tomorrow. This event is a great attraction for all of us who live here and is a contribution to the region. "

His colleague and neighbor, the mayor of Machalí, José Miguel Urrutia, also expressed his satisfaction for the realization of the event where the commune has a great role, because the 70% of the race will be disputed for its rural roads.

"This is the third year that the event runs through our beautiful commune, with incredible mountain scenery that the RallyMobil allows to show internationally. We hope our pilots have a good performance, especially Alejandro García Huidobro, "said José Miguel Urrutia, who is proud of the fact that the competition is mostly developed in his territory.

Who invited to take resguardos and to respect all the measures of security implemented, was the commander of carabineros Manuel Gálvez "we have worked arduously with the organizers so that everything turns out well, so I ask to the citizens who comply with respect the demarcations tapes and indications of Carabineros and the security personnel of the contest ".

Finally, the director of the National Institute of Sports, Diego Ramírez, said that "thanks to the law of donations the RallyMobil can be here and have a high level of competition in our country with the help of private companies. I invite the private company to follow this important example so that they go in support of athletes and sports in general. "

The pilot of the N4 Light series and sponsored by Claro Xperia, Tomás Etcheverry, said that "I aspire to get on the podium in Rancagua-Machalí and reach the top of the ranking. The machine is in perfect condition to even make the fight to the N4, who have more experience than us who are debutantes ".