Jorge Silva C.

The Grand Prix of La Unión - Río Bueno will be remembered forever by Tomás Cañete and Alberto Álvarez, since both went down in history after winning the title of champion in the tournament (and binomial in the case of the co-driver of Jorge Martínez, who also buckled his tenth title in the Copec RallyMobil). For Cañete it is his debut as the only Chilean navigator champion and he only hopes to celebrate with Emilio Rosselot in Frutillar - Fresia.

Ten titles Alberto Álvarez has won in the Copec RallyMobil, which transforms the Argentine navigator into the most winner of all the current competitors of the championship. He has one more victory than his pilot Jorge Martínez, since in 2010 he was the best navigator, but Jorge was not champion.

The «Black» Álvarez in 2016

The navigator of the CBTech Rally by Skoda takes the rally in the blood and together with Jorge Martínez he has achieved that trust that is fundamental to achieve results in this sport, where teamwork is key. After finishing the first and only stage of the date, as a result of the suspension of activities, Álvarez was happy and satisfied with what was done, always highlighting the positive aspects and skills of his crewmate.

«The 'Negrito' apart from being a great friend to me, is a tremendous professional. He is always worried about all the details. He has proven over time to always remain in force, super competitive and generally puts that share of calm within the binomial and is super good to read those moments where it is required. He does his job very well up and down the car », confesses its historical partner.

Alberto Álvarez with Jorge Martínez in La Unión - Río Bueno


After getting his first title in the navigators' championship in the R3 category, after adding 146 units in the official ranking. Although the race was truncated by the political and social situation of Chile, in the sporting, cheerful accounts were drawn.

We talked with the brand-new champion and he recognized his desire to be in the R5 category in 2020 and that his focus and that of his pilot Emilio Rosselot is to remain competitive to reach the best Copec RallyMobil Championship series in the best way.

Tomás Cañete with Emilio Rosselot in the 2018 season

“The feeling is positive, since this is a consequence of all the work that was done during the year with Team Rosselot. The only abandonment we have had in the season was in Copec Rally Chile, so with that support the car does not give us problems. In any case, because of the situation in the country, they don't want to celebrate. When Emilio leaves champion we will celebrate together ”, said the brand new champion.

2018 Curicó Grand Prix

With regard to the possibility of reaching the R5 category, Cañete was hopeful to run alongside Emilio in that series, however, he does not handle more information on which car will be chosen to debut with the series of all-wheel drive. "With Emilio we are looking to be increasingly competitive to arrive in the best possible way to the R5."

«Cañete is a crack!» It was the first thing Emilio Rosselot answered when asked by his faithful navigator. «He has deserved the title so early, so I am very proud of him. I hope that many races and triumphs come together more and I hope that this does not take away the desire to continue being the good navigator that is and to accompany me to define the title 2019 »concluded the Viñamarino pilot.

While some continue to write their own history, others have just begun theirs. Alberto Álvarez and Tomás Cañete mark a generational meeting that we want to highlight in a championship that is based on the history of its participants.

Congrats to both of you!