Luis I. Rosselot returns to triumph

The viñamarino stayed with the Saturday stage of the Grand Prix of Concepción and bet to leave behind the bad fortune of the last dates.

The Concepción Grand Prix confirmed that it is one of the most important venues of the RallyMobil Championship, with a huge presence of fans, complex and technical roads, and an N4 category that is increasingly competitive.

The big favorite was Jorge Martinez F., leader of the major series and who carried the burden of owning a house. However, as happened the previous year, luck did not accompany the penquista, who punctured a tire in the second prime, losing valuable minutes that he could not recover.

The one that would take advantage of the situation would be Luis Ignacio Rosselot. The Viñamarino stayed with the Saturday stage, putting an end to two consecutive dropouts, an aspect that was quite complicated at the beginning of the day.

"We were given everything, we did not have failures, the car was impeccable. At the beginning of the stage he was deconcentrated, he asked more than usual, much more than before, and that was the product of still thinking about the last two dropouts, "acknowledged the pilot who has crowns in all categories.

In the second position finished (by time) Alejandro García-Huidobro, however, at the end of the sixth prime arrived with the engine broken, so he failed to show up in Parque Cerrado, making the table run.

The most benefited with the abandonment of the original of Requinoa was Ramón Torres, one of the great surprises of the day.

The former driver of the DMas Competition, now with new equipment and a new car (the Mitsubishi Evo IX with which Patricio Bornand was running), obtained the second place of the N4 and the first of the N4 Light, and stated that "I am happy, we are new starting with the equipment and is the product of the effort of my father, the mechanics and the car that has everything necessary, which transmits very well to the floor and allows you to go the most. Now the goal is to recover the leadership of the N4 Light that was the product of some problems with the previous car, "said Torres.

Closing the podium of the N4, a pilot that is no longer a surprise. Tomás Etcheverry, of Claro Sony Xperia, despite difficulties in the first half of the day, accelerated in the last prime and ranked third in the N4 and second in the N4 Light.

Among those affected of the day, to regret the abandonment of Cristóbal Vidaurre, who suffered problems with the Subaru STi engine and said goodbye to the competition, yielding the second place in the annual table at the hands of Tomás Etcheverry.

Unofficial Times

Grand Prix of Concepción

Saturday Stage

N4 Category

1. Luis I. Rosselot / Marcelo Brizzio 53'18''2

2. Ramon Torres F. / Marcelo Der Ohannesian 53'39''7

3. Tomás Etcheverry / Aldo Zambra 53'40''7

Category N4 Light

1. Ramon Torres F. / Marcelo Der Ohannesian 53'39''7

2 Tomás Etcheverry / Aldo Zambra 53'40''7

3. Matías Pilasi / Pablo Vargas 53'55''2