The Rally del Adriatico is one of the most traditional competition in Europe, which last weekend was valid for the Italian Gravel Rally Championship, with stages that run through the Marche region around Cingoli.

The third date of the calendar had a South American duo as a great candidate for victory. Bolivian Marco Bulacia and his Argentine navigator Marcelo Der Ohannesian intervened again with a Škoda Fabia R5 from the Free Rally Service team and fought for the top of the competition amid a list of 114 entries.

There was a dry and wet floor from the rain and the winner was only defined in the last special test. Multiple national champion Paolo Andreucci prevailed, now at the controls of a Citroën C3 R5 with which he beat Simone Campedelli's Volkswagen Polo GTI.

Campedelli started setting the pace, followed by Bulacia a few tenths of a point, after which they were tied until the Santa Cruz rider was delayed by a puncture in the right rear wheel when passing a curve. No longer able to fight for victory, Marco finished fifth after an important comeback yesterday, the same day as his twentieth birthday.

The Latin American duo are now preparing to tackle the Sardinia Rally for the World Championship, in which they lead the WRC 3 class in a Citroën.