Nextel has a pilot for La Serena

Claudio Rosselot was elected official pilot of the team of Eliseo Salazar for the date to be played in the Fourth Region.

The project headed by former Formula 1, Eliseo Salazar, already has a driver for the fourth stop of the season, the Grand Prix of La Serena. On this occasion it will be the native of San Felipe, Claudio Rosselot, the person in charge to get on the Mini 1.6 and wear the colors of the Nextel team.

The election was held at an event in the Laguna Carén Motor Park, where the participation, as well as the winner, of the drivers, Álvaro López, Francisco Díaz and Rodrigo Caballero. The latter of only 19 years and who has been the youngest driver to finish the Dakar, received a consolation prize, will be the official Nextel team driver on the date played in La Serena, but in the 2013 season.

The winner, Claudio Rosselot, has already had experience in the RallyMobil Championship, in fact the Sanfelipeño participated in the 2009 and 2010 seasons in the N2 category.

"I am very happy for this opportunity, I already ran in the RallyMobil all the 2009 and some dates of the 2010. We hope that everything goes well in the IV Region and then we can keep running in the rally, "said the winner.

For the judges, even for the World Cup winner Eliseo Salazar, the winner was not easy, since in the race against time the four riders had similar times, reaching a tie to the tenth of a second.

"It was very difficult to choose the winner on this occasion, the times were too close, and all four have excellent conditions. Finally we opted for a driver who already has some experience in the RallyMobil Championship, as is Claudio (Rosselot), basically because we have very little time to prepare it, there is only one month before we get to the race, so we need people who know how is the rally, "said Eliseo Salazar.

As for the date of this weekend, in Rancagua, the team already has a pilot. It is the talquino Francisco Bartolomé, who will be seconded by the experienced navigator Eugenio Carvallo.

"The Rancagua rally is quite complex, I think we can do a good job because the cars are very reliable and besides that I will have a very good navigator like Eugenio (Carvallo) by my side and that helps a lot," said Bartolomé.

The Nextel Rally Project by Eliseo already has its drivers for the Rancagua and La Serena races, and will continue to look for young promises for the remaining dates of the 2012 season.