OVO Discoteque will light the night

The lounge located in the Enjoy Casino in Coquimbo will host the official La Serena Grand Prix festivities, this Friday 13 and Sunday 15 in July.

Once the Star Presentation and Hole Shot of the Grand Prix of La Serena, which will be held in the Plaza de Armas of the city, the RallyMobil Championship, and all those close to the event will be transferred to the Enjoy Casino in Coquimbo, to OVO Discoteque for participate in the "Official Party" of the RallyMobil on Friday 13 of July.

Once the competition for the complex roads of the IV Region is over, once again the RallyMobil family will meet again at the Enjoy Casino in Coquimbo, again in OVO Discoteque, since the 15 Sunday in July will be held "Closing party" of the event.

You already know, in the Coquimbo Region you can celebrate twice, since the 13 and 15 days will be the "Official and Closing Party" of the RallyMobil Championship in OVO Discoteque, at the Enjoy Casino in Coquimbo.

To be part of the celebrations you can send an email to ovo.coquimbo@enjoy.cl, where you can enter in the list that will run until 01.00 hours. More information in http://www.enjoy.cl/enjoy-coquimbo/ovo-lounge.