Positive balance in the VI Region

A date with a large number of participants, close competition and controversy was experienced on the Rancagua and Machalí routes.

The third date of the RallyMobil Championship, the Claro Xperia Grand Prix, summoned 57 competing crews, 11 of them in the turbo and all-wheel drive series, the N4 and N4 Light categories; 11 machines were entered in the minor category of the tournament, the N2; and nothing less than a total of 32 binomials were added to the categories N3 and N3 Light, which includes the Team Championship with nine competing teams.

The event began with the Estelar Presentation, which, like last year, was held at the side of the Patricio Mekis sports complex, where the Monumental Medialuna of Rancagua is located. More spectators arrived from 8, who, despite the cold of the capital of the Sixth Region, encouraged the competing crews.

One point to note was that the authorities of the area, such as the Regional Mayor Patricio Rey, Senator Alejandro García - Huidobro, Juan Luis Castro and Rancagua Mayor Juan Luis Soto who pledged to continue supporting the development of the RallyMobil Championship in the region of Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins.

Category N3 and N3 Light

Already in the Assistance Park, which was located in the Mall Punta del Sol, from early the crews of the different categories began to prepare for what would be a vital race in the pretensions of some pilots to obtain the crown of its category, in special in the series of cars up to 2.000cc and simple traction, the N3.

In this category, Ruy Barbosa, of Movistar Honda Racing, arrived at the routes of Rancagua Machalí with a clear idea, to win the date and get back into the fight for the title of the series. A setback in the VI Region would leave him practically out of all options, and if to this the great level that his direct rivals like Ingo Hofmann, Incap Orion Rally, and Ramón Ibarra of the Hankook Suzuki Majorette, Rancagua and Machalí are showing, could be added be the last chance for the Honda Civic Coupe driver.

Already in competition the vice champion of the N3 in 2011 started with the right foot, Ruy Barbosa returned to run with the suspension that used the date of Osorno, and it was noticeable, he won four of the first six timed, and with the suspension of the super special test, won the first stage of competition.

In the second location was the current champion of the N3, Ramón Ibarra, or at least for a few moments, since the RallyMobil Commission penalized him with 30 seconds because he passed in an area of ​​1,9 kilometer to 44 kilometers per hour, being that in the meeting of pilots and in the particular regulation of the date it was explained that in that sector only one could transit to 30 km / h.

In short, with the 30 seconds of penalty, Ramón Ibarra went to third place in the general, 41 seconds of Barbosa and more than 11 of Hofmann, time, practically irremovable for the champion of the N3.

Already on the second day of competition it seemed that Barbosa, and with some more tranquility, would remain in the lead of the N3 and would remain with the first place in Rancagua - Machalí, but the Osornino, Ingo Hofmann, began to demonstrate its quality and put pressure on the pointer.

Ramón Ibarra also did his thing and discounted important time, reaching the penultimate special of the day to 5,6 seconds of Hofmann and 9,3 of Barbosa.

But luck would accompany the champion. At the start of the last stage, the Inacap Orion Rally team driver, Ingo Hofmann, was leaving the race due to mechanical problems. Something similar happened to Ruy Barbosa of Movistar Honda Racing, who managed to keep in competition, but with problems in the transmission of his Honda Civic.

With his rivals out of competition, the three-time N3 champion, Ramón Ibarra, only had to accelerate fully to claim the first place in the Claro Xperia Grand Prix.

Finally, Ramón Ibarra achieved his goal and won the Rancagua, while Ruy Barbosa had to settle for second place. Third was the pilot of the Automotora Agustinas team, Eduardo Fernández.

In the series for debutantes of the N3, the N3 Light, the Osornino of the Semameris Rally team, Emilio Cuevas, was again the fastest and he was awarded the Claro Xperia Grand Prize in his category, followed by an amazing German Lyon, the ex motorcyclist has gone from less to more. The third place went to the debutant, this year, Vicente Israel.

Category N4 and N4 Light

In the series of cars with turbo and all-wheel drive, the current champion of the category, Cristóbal Vidaurre, managed to overcome the mechanical problems that affected him in the first two dates, dominating from start to finish in the complex routes of Rancagua and Machalí. With this triumph, the driver of the DMas Competition team, returns to the fight for the bicampeonato of the series.

The second place went to the four times champion of the major series, Jorge Martínez Fontena, the penquista remained calm and privileged the points of the date and did not risk more than the account. With this result, Martinez remained at the top of the general table of the N4.

As in the previous dates, the third place was for a pilot of the series N4 debutantes, the N4 Light, Eduardo Valdés. The Sipa Mobil team driver also obtained the third place in the overall N4 and won in his category, followed by Ramón Torres, while the third place went to Matías Pilasi.

N2 Category

In the minor category of the RallyMobil Championship, the driver of the eighth region, Jorge Riquelme, managed to get his third consecutive victory taking his MINI Cooper once again to the first place of the N2. The Jojopa Duoc UC Rally team driver took another step to get his third crown in the category.

The second place was for the NetMotors Valeo team driver, Felipe Padilla, while the third place was for the Nextel Rally Project by Eliseo team driver, Francisco Bartolomé. The Talquino who returned to be part of the national tournament after finishing third in the N3 light in 2011.

The date was marked by emotion, nerves and adrenaline, making it clear that the roads of the Sixth Region, are the most complicated of the RallyMobil Championship.