Rancagua and Machalí will receive the date

The race in the Region of Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins is a mystery because of the climate that would complicate the options in the five categories that participate, of which four have had different winners.

A few days after the third date of the RallyMobil Championship begins in the capital of Sexta Región, Rancagua, the Claro Xperia Grand Prix, which will be played on 8, 9 and 10 days of the present, the uncertainty takes over the competitors by the tight contest that in the first two races has had different winners in four of the five participating categories.

The Rancagua test will be, according to weather forecasts, with cloudiness and probable rain that could change the strategies of fifty competitors, since the roads of the VI Region are different from those of the south. The difference is that in Osorno and Curicó they are more compact. In Rancagua with humidity they can be more loose, with mud or slippery if there is frost in the high part, as it has already happened in the two previous years. This point is also important because the height can play a trick on the set-up of the cars.

That is why the pilots and navigators do not trust each other. They will be alert to weather forecasts to cover the approximately 126 kilometers of pure speed divided into special 11.

Competitively the leader of the N3 category for cars up to 2000cc and simple traction, Ramón Ibarra of the Hankook Suzuki Majorette arrives as leader of the general after he triumphed in Curicó and was second place in Osorno. And who escorts him, Ingo Hofmann of the Inacap Orion Rally was second and first, respectively. Very close to them appears Ruy Barbosa of Movistar Honda Racing. The runner-up of the N3 runs this year with a car that is in development, Honda Civic Coupé and that still does not reach its full potential.

"The category is very tight and competitive. Every detail always counts, but now more than ever. It will not be easy in Rancagua because there are several of us who have the possibility to walk on the edge. The problem is that it will be a long competition, therefore you have to focus a lot on concentration and maintain the race pace. You have to keep your head cool so you do not make mistakes, "explained Ramón Ibarra, who will have a new navigator, the Argentine José Luis Díaz.

"The theme of the navigator also worries me, because we will only meet on Tuesday. The reason for the change is that Manuel Prieto (Argentine) signed a contract in his country for a team of the local championship, so I had to say goodbye to him, "says the leader and champion of the N3.

And if the N3 is competitive, the N4 marches on the same path with Jorge Martínez Fontena Hankook-VTR as leader and Luis Ignacio Rosselot Team Rosselotescollecting it. Both have shared the triumphs in Osorno (Rosselot) and Curicó (Martinez).

"I like the Rancagua roads. It is a beautiful and interesting date, with good routes where I hope to repeat the victory of Curicó. There everything was perfect because I trained more and we made some modifications in the machine that worked, "said Jorge Martínez Fontena who won everything in the Maule Region.

Those that have not had fortune until now are the current champion of the N4 Cristóbal Vidaurre DMas Competition and the talented Emilio Rosselot Rosselot team who in the first two dates had problems with the cars and made mistakes in driving.

Ramón Torres joined this season to the N4 Light category for novice riders in the series of turbo and all-wheel drive cars, where the debutants have impressed by their gait, getting among the leaders, as happened with Ramón Torres DMas Competición, who leads the series and is third in the N4.

"I loved the category with cars that are very good and give a lot of security to fold and place them sideways, which I did not experience in the N3, of course, because they are machines with front-wheel drive, a different driving. I think that's why I've been doing well, because I'm comfortable with all-wheel drive and it gives me confidence. In Rancagua I hope to make a good paper and have rain, because I manage better on a wet floor, "said Ramón Torres.

In the N3 Light who smiles is Osornino Jaime Luttecke (Semameris-Agriseeds-Gallagher), leader of the series and fourth in the N3, which has him happy. "I did not expect such an auspicious start. I think it's a reward for the effort of so many years in the N2 to have spent this season to the N3 Light, which has me in the lead with a first and a second place. I hope to be among the winners in Rancagua in a category that is very much fought. "

The only category that has had the same winner in the first two dates is the N2. Jorge Riquelme with his brother Joaquin, in charge of the Mini Cooper, have had almost perfect days and are positioned in the outpost in a race for the tricampeonato.


N4 Category

1 ° Jorge Martínez Fontena, Mitsubishi Evo X, 49 points

2 ° Luis Ignacio Rosselot, Mitsubishi Evo X, 26 points

3 ° Ramón Torres, Subaru Impreza STI, 23 points

Category N4 Light

1 ° Ramón Torres, Subaru Impreza STi, 45 points

2 ° Cristián Navarrete, Mitsubishi Evo X, 39 points

3 ° Tomás Etcheverry, Mitsubishi Evo X, 33 points

N3 Category

1 ° Ramón Ibarra, Suzuki SX4, 51 points

2 ° Ingo Hofmann, Mitsubishi Lancer RT, 43 points

3 ° Ruy Barbosa, Honda Civic Coupé, 29 points

Team Championship

1 ° Hankook Suzuki Majorette, 55 points

1 ° Inacap Orion Rally, 55 points

3 ° Semameris Rally Team, 29 points

Category N3 Light

1 ° Jaime Luttecke, Hyundai Coupé, 46 points

2 ° Emilio Cuevas, Mitsubishi Lancer, 32 points

3 ° Germán Lyon, Honda Civic, 27 points

N2 Category

1 ° Jorge Riquelme, Mini Cooper, 55 points

2 ° Felipe Padilla, Hyundai Accent HB, 37 points

3 ° Claudio Betancourt, Mitsubishi Lancer, 23 points