By Jorge Silva C.

Martín Scuncio and Javiera Román will travel to Argentina this week to run the last date of the Argentine Rally Championship. They will do it on top of a Maxi Rally DS3 of the General Rally Company and ensure that they will enjoy more than looking for a result.

Martín and Javiera in the Curicó Grand Prix 2019

Villa Carlos Paz will be the scene for the conclusion of the season in the neighboring country, date that will feature the binomial of the Point Cola Racing Team formed by Martín Scuncio and Javiera Román. This time they will have the possibility of making the last date of the Argentine Championship, which is scheduled for the December 6, 7 and 8.

Villa Carlos Paz Rally

“This possibility arose and we will enjoy it, beyond a result the idea is to have fun and add kilometers”, says Martín, who confesses that this was born by a recent invitation from his native country.

The binomial was champion of the R2 category in 2018 and this year they debuted in the R5 series being tested against more than 17 last generation cars. They stood out at Copec Rally Chile for going on podium positions for much of the World Cup date that debuted in Chile in May of this year. It was a fault in the car that left them out of competition just a stretch of finishing the historic race in the Biobío Region.

Success boys!