By Jorge Silva C.

After a meeting at the Intendencia del Biobío together with the highest authority in the region, Sergio Giacaman, the Regional Director of Sernatur, Natalia Villegas Castro and the President of Protur, María Pilar Varela, Felipe Horta, General Producer of Copec Rally Chile achieved agree on plans for next year after the cancellation of the world date.

Alejandro Cancio and Santiago García in the Copec Rally Chile. The binomial was the best exponent of the Copec RallyMobil.

After the meeting, Felipe Horta gave a press conference to officially inform the paths to follow for the next season. The General Producer of Copec Rally Chile said that "Today we can tell you with enough joy that with the Regional Government, Sergio Giacaman del Biobío and other authorities in the region we finally decided how to address the cancellation of the world event."

Recall that the second version of Copec Rally Chile will not be carried out due to the complex situation that the country is experiencing, so that both production and the authorities sought the best way out of the impact that this decision would have on the national economy and sports.

Felipe Horta continued explaining what will happen in 2020. «The date had to be postponed by the country situation and also the calendaring of the referendum did not give the conditions to carry out an event of this magnitude. The solutions are: In December a premundial event will be organized corresponding to the last date of the Copec RallyMobil, between the 9 and 13 of that month. The routes and chronology of the WRC date will be replicated, which will be very important for those interested worldwide. All those who want to run this premundial may come », sentenced the General Producer.