The organizers of the world date that would run in Chile next April decided to suspend the realization of the tournament, in response to the request of the regional government for the situation that the country is going through.

In a joint meeting in which the Undersecretary of Sport, Andrés Otero participated; the mayor of the Biobío Region, Sergio Giacaman; the president of the Chilean Automobile Federation, Mauricio Melo, and the general producer of Copec RallyMobil, Felipe Horta, decided to suspend the completion of the Copec Rally Chile, fourth calendar date of the World Rally Championship 2020, and that had Concepción as host city

The competition that would take place next 9, 10, 11 and 12 in April would coincide with the development of the plebiscite to enter a new Constitution, so authorities and organizers decided to cancel the event in its 2020 version. “We consider it prudent to postpone this date, thinking that the plebiscite is above all a democratic act and needs an adequate climate to perform. However, in Biobío we are all ralistas and of course we are going to work hard for the 2021 event ”, assured the mayor of the Biobío Region.

The suspension of the world date is not a goodbye to the country's event, but Concepción will receive the tournament again in its 2021 version. “That it is canceled does not mean that it cannot be done, one year runs, one runs for 2021, but we are not only with the experience but with more desire to do it and improve what we did this year”commented Mauricio Melo. 

The suspension of the world date is not the end of the tournament in the country, but Concepción will receive the tournament again in its 2021 versions. «The decision was to wait a year to take the world championship, we have talked with the FIA ​​and the WRC in Germany, where fortunately they have understood very favorably what is happening and they are allowing us to cancel the 2020 date and resume the contract We have established three years. We were evaluated within the three best dates of this year, there is much enthusiasm to come back to Chile »commented Felipe Horta.