At a press conference held at the Sonesta hotel in the Osorno commune at 10.15 in the morning, the general producer of Copec RallyMobil, Felipe Horta; Copec RallyMobil race director Kurt Horta and Copec RallyMobil executive producer Juan Francisco Carrasco explained the reasons for the suspension of the sixth date of the national championship that was reported yesterday and expressed their commitment to the return of all event contributors.

“We suspended the race for safety reasons, which is definitely the most important argument our championship has in terms of its development and sports performance on the routes of our country. Carabineros informed us that there was probably going to be a displacement by the Carabineros security device of the region in the face of the complicated situation that was being experienced and together with the respective authorities, the decision was made ”commented Felipe Horta.

Although the first two days of the Grand Prix of La Unión - Río Bueno took place smoothly and satisfactorily, the organization, together with the authorities in the area, decreed the suspension of the Sunday stage. It is worth adding that the decision was made in coordination with the Municipality of the Ríos Region, the governor of the province of Ranco, the illustrious municipalities of La Unión and Río Bueno, and Carabineros of the Ríos Region.

From the logistic point of view, the organization of the event will ensure the prompt and safe return of Copec RallyMobil employees. "We are approximately 800 people who are directly linked to the event today, call media, production, timing, security and, by the way, competitors of all categories with their respective teams to return home", assured the producer of the event.

In sports terms, Jorge Martínez was the winner of the date in the R5 category and a champion could be previously established pending the official results that the Chilean Automobile Federation must deliver.