These were the winners of the 12 special tests that made up Rally Turkey last weekend, class by class and including the two drivers who represented Chile.


Shakedown: Thierry Neuville

PE1: Thierry Neuville

PE2: Sébastien Ogier

PE3: Sébastien Ogier

PE4: Sébastien Ogier

PE5: Thierry Neuville

PE6: Thierry Neuville

PE7: Thierry Neuville

PE8: Sébastien Loeb

PE9: Elfyn Evans

PE10: Thierry Neuville

PE11: Thierry Neuville

PE12: Thierry Neuville


Shakedown: Eyvind Brynildsen

PE1: Adrien Fourmaux

PE2: Adrien Fourmaux

PE3: Adrien Fourmaux

PE4: Pontus Tidemand

PE5: Pontus Tidemand

PE6: Pontus Tidemand

PE7: Pontus Tidemand

PE8: Adrien Fourmaux

PE9: Adrien Fourmaux

PE10: Pontus Tidemand

PE11: Adrien Fourmaux

PE12: Pontus Tidemand


Shakedown: Marco Bulacia, 3-Alberto Heller, 7-Emilio Fernández

PE1: Marco Bulacia, 4-Emilio Fernández, 5-Alberto Heller

PE2: Marco Bulacia, 3-Emilio Fernández, 7-Alberto Heller

PE3: Kajetan Kajetanowicz, 4-Emilio Fernández, 6-Alberto Heller

PE4: Kajetan Kajetanowicz, 4-Alberto Heller, 5-Emilio Fernández

PE5: Marco Bulacia, 4-Alberto Heller, 6-Emilio Fernández

PE6: Kajetan Kajetanowicz, 3-Emilio Fernández, 7-Alberto Heller

PE7: Kajetan Kajetanowicz, 3-Alberto Heller, 5-Emilio Fernández

PE8: Marco Bulacia, 4-Alberto Heller, 5-Emilio Fernández

PE9: Jan Solans, 5-Alberto Heller, 9-Emilio Fernández

PE10: Kajetan Kajetanowicz, 3-Alberto Heller, 9-Emilio Fernández

PE11: Kajetan Kajetanowicz, 3-Emilio Fernández, 6-Alberto Heller

PE12: Marco Bulacia, 2-Alberto Heller, 3-Emilio Fernández