Marcelo Vildósola finished fourth in R2 at RallyMobil’s 2018 Championship Standings and is now preparing year 2019 by racing local rounds in his own pre-season to get ready for the World Rally Championship round in Concepción.

With the ambition of fully establishing his career with an R2 title, Vildósola arrives in this new season while preparing his next participation in the competition, alongside his co-driver José Luis Subiabre. This shall be a special year since we’ll be experiencing both a RallyMobil round and a WRC round in Concpeción at the same time, so Vildósola does not want to miss a thing.

“We did really well last year and now we want to reach a higher point with an R2 title and by participating at the WRC round,” the nationla driver assured. Besides, he made it clear that he wants to beat Emilio Fernández at all costs if he remains in his same category, since the Susaron driver is a high-level one and has done a very good work. “I hope he stays in R2,” Marcelo concludes.

Regarding technical aspects, Vildósola is still racing in the Peugeot 208 he drove during last season, however, in order to move forward and achieve a good performance for the world rally he is now importing some key spare parts for a 100% efficient car.