We don’t know what the results will be when we meet a new RallyMobil Championship round, yet the prior rounds’ trends can help us guess who the next candidates are for the coming race. Who do you think will seize Vicuña? Let’s look over each category.

The R5 is leaded by Jorge Martínez (68 pts), of Team Joker, wll known for being RallyMobil’s multiple champion. The driver from Concepción is making good times and stregthened his present status in Frutillar, making use of all of his experience at the roads of the South. Another one who is fighting for the championship is his team mate, Pedro Heller (56 pts), who won the first two rounds. Then we have Argentinian Alejandro Cancio (34 pts), who carries the Sköda-Conveyor Belt colors. As we said before, the trans-Andean has delivered good performances in both Chile and his own country, which has given him a great deal of poise.

R3 enjoys a tight competition in every race, actually, it is the one series that has had different leaders in each round. Its candidates so far are Emilio Rosselot (46 pts), who has shown to be pulling up great progress, Ramón Ibarra (52 pts) and Samuel Israel (58 pts). So as to point out their possibilities, the guidelines are distinctly based on the championship standings.

Martín Scuncio (57 pts) is the R2 leader, trailed by Martín Suriani (40 pts) and Marcelo Vildósola (33 pts). One that naturally shows up is Emilio Fernández, who adds up 26 points, which he got in Frutillar: He managed to surpass his contenders and make quite a difference against them, sealing his victory with even faster times than those of R3.

We are about to find out which surprises the future fourth round holds, and who will settle as candidates throughout this race that marks the midpoint of the 2018 RallyMobil Championship. There’s little left!

See you on the road!