Facundo Opawsky is fourth on the 2018 RallyMobil Championship’s R2 overall, and he has raced only two of the three rounds, Los Ángeles and Frutillar. The young man from Osorno has everything he needs to be one of this season’s star. This time we talked to him for the RallyMobil.cl “anti interview” section, were we get to meet our racers’ most fun sides. Let’s take a look!

RallyMobil’s best driver?

Jorge Martínez, for his career and all the titles he’s won.

RallyMobil’s best co-driver?

Rubén García.

The hardest race in your life…

RallyMobil Los Ángeles 2018.

Best experience at RallyMobil…

Winning Frutillar 2017 on R2 Lite and finishing third on R2 with the aspirated Ford.

Who would you like having in your team?

Marcos and Bastián, Joker Team mechanics, they are very good and I have an excellent relationship with them.

RallyMobil’s most unpleasant one…

Nobody, there are some I just relate less to.

Unfulfilled dream at RallyMobil…

Be champion in one of the categories I’ve raced at.

Best team in competition (besides yours)?

Joker Rally Team.

¿Your weakness when competing?

Anxiety on the first section, I want to start as soon as possible (laughs).

Your strength?

Making little mistakes, like many say, I’m a neat driver.

¿A RallyMobil memory you’d like to erase?

None, all of my participations have teached me a lesson.

Nicest one at RallyMobil?

Rodrigo Ruiz de Loyzaga, by far, a gentleman and very nice.

A co-driver you wouln’t have?

Gustavo Beccaría.

Which driver would you like having in your team?

Jorge Martínez, an ace!