RallyMobil is Chile’s most important motorsport championship and during these 18 years of exciting seasons it has put a lot in its followers’ hearts, and of course, in the main figures’ ones too. There is plenty of history, unforgettable races and seasons that will remain in the memories of rally fans in Chile. Today, we are looking over the story of drivers who have won the most trophies.

In the undeniable first place is the multiple championships winner Jorge Martínez, known as this rally’s “Niño Maravilla” (Wonder Kid) since many years ago. The driver from Concepción owns eight championships, five of which he won at the N4 category (2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012) and three at Chile’s most important one until 2017, R3 (2013, 2014, 2016). He is currently in the R5 first place, in a Peugeot 208, and promises to stay in such position all through the rest of the season. He is part of the Joker Rally Team, together with Pedro Heller (R5), Alberto Heller (R5) and Felipe Rossi (R5).

Martínez is trailed at this historical ranking by a driver who has been in RallyMobil since the very first day of competition (year 2000): Luis Ignacio Rosselot. He attained his first championship title in season one at N2, then, in 2001, he was the great winner at N3, and later ruled over N4 in 2006, 2010, 2013 and 2016. This present season he competes in a Mitsubishi Mirage R5 and, along with his brothers Emilio (R3) and Tadeo (R3L), they make up the Rosselot Team.

Cristóbal Vidaurre stands on our RallyMobil historical podium’s third place, with five titles, two at N3 (2009, 2010), one at N4 (2011) and two at R3 in 2015 and 2017. Today he races at R5 and is placed at the 2018 championship’s fifth standing. By the side of Argentinian Alejandro Cancio (R5) they form the Sköda-Conveyor Belt Team, which entered the championship this year, at the second round, in Los Ángeles.

This could be Jorge Martinez’s year to outpace his competitors and proclaim himself the biggest winner, as he holds nine titles, if he manages to keep his first place at the R5 category. There are still rounds to race and many points to fight for. The next five rounds are in Vicuña, Curicó, Río Bueno, Pichilemu and Santiago’s Motorshow (or Concepcion’s), where these drivers shall get the chance to continue to write history.