Since our driver Emilio Fernández and his co-driver Joaquín Riquelme, from Susaron Rally Team, participate at the World Rally Championship, we want to bring you closer to the category where the Chileans compete. Their next goal is the Neste Rally Finland, to be raced from July 26 to 29 in the European Country.

The Junior World Rally Championship, like WRC2 and WRC3, is a WRC complementary rally competition. It was created for rising drivers who’s age is under 27. It was named S1600 Championship in its first year, then called Junior World Championship during the following ten years, and finally renamed WRC Academy in 2011. It has had several changes throughout these years, nevertheless, the serie’s essence has not changed and is still a seedbed for drivers who want to establish themselves and achieve an ascension in their careers at the international scene. During the 2013 season this category’s cars began to use biofuel: gasoline, bioethanol and biomethanol mixture called GEM.

Each JWRC season includes about six or nine WRC rounds. It also covers big part of the road race rounds. Spain stands out in all of its editions, France in ten and Germany in seven. The most disputed rallies among the gravel ones have been Finland (eight times), Italy (seven), Great Britain (six) and Greece (five).

While named WRC Academy, the championship was raced at the following headquarters: Germany, Alsace, Finland, Great Britain, Sardinia and Portugal. During 2012, these were located at: Germany, Spain, Alsace, Finland, Greece and Portugal.

The current calendar includes the following rounds:

Rally Sweden 02.15 – 02.18.2018 
Corsica Linea – Tour de Corse 06.04 – 08.04.2018 
Vodafone Rally Portugal 05.17 – 05.20.2018 
Neste Rally Finland 07.26 – 07.29.2018
Rally Turkey 09.13 – 09.16.2018

Let’s stand up for Emilio and Joaquín on this new adventure!

See you on the road!