The young RallyMobil R3 driver confessed having no fear of the roads at Vicuña and even seemed to be eagerly looking forward to the frenzy these Valle del Elqui routes offer. “The Tasmanian Devil” wants to win the round.

Being only 23 years old, Silva is experienced on this discipline and is up for more. While speaking at +MotorRadio he went through the best of his adventures at Vicuña in 2017 and talked about our international examples at the World Rally Championship, Pedro Heller and Emilio Fernández. “It’s a good parameter for me to compete against them, it’s how we get to find out which level we are at in relation to the international sphere,” Silva infered.

“I really like hard and risky roads, having cliffs or ravines is no problem for me,” Sebastián Silva pointed out, showing he gives it all on the road to try to attain a place in the podium. He is a driver who has plenty to learn about, yet he is clearly on his way to success, as well as willing to get the best of Vicuña. By now, Silva has added up 6 points at the R3 overall, even when he had no choice but to race at N3 during the first round.