Martín Scuncio obtained the second place in Curicó trophy and was able to keep R2 leadership, where he has 102 points, a balance that allows him to think big and look forward to the 2018 title, if conditions turn out well at the remaining rounds (Río Bueno, Pichilemu, Motorshow).

How do yo see Curicó?

 “Curicó trophy was very good for us.  A tough rally, but positive since we managed to draw really important points for the championship.”

Whta has been the key to be the R2 leader?

“The key to be leaders has been, mos of all, finishing all of the rallies. Consistency is what has provided us with the necessary points to be ahead. We still have plenty to go through and we must remain on the same path.”

Who do you think is your strongest rival?

“I think everyone is a great rival, but if we must name someone, it’s Emilio Fernández, for everything he’s achieving at WRC. The practice he carries in his car puts him above everybody and he’s a big rival, without forgetting Martín Suriani, who is another big talent and who’s car unfortunately hasn’t come along with him, otherwise, he’d be up there.” 

What comes next if you get this year’s title?

“If we become champions, the first thing’s to rest… hahaha.”

Martín Scuncio seems confident, but he takes it easy. There’s still kilometers left to run and nothing’s said yet, until the finish line is crossed. We’ll see whether the only mixed duo in RallyMobil Championship becomes established as the 2018 season champion at the next rounds.