He did it again. Joker Rally Team’s Alberto Heller wins a round for the second time in season 2018 in R5, at which drivers’ competitive level is growing each time. Even though Jorge Martínez was the undeniable star of the first day, winning each one of the seven sections, “Beto” Heller trailed him all morning long on Saturday, until he ran into trouble with his Ford Fiesta’s steering control. He even had to maximize resources by tying up a band to the steering wheel to be able to hold the car onto the road.

He never gave up, always keeping his eye on the podium. While he was being interviewed by journalists at the Service Park, after a complicated but convincing morning, the youngest Heller was calm, as usual. He won Vicuña thanks to a perfect balance between control and speed, and he seems to have learned to get better at applying this knowledge each time.

In spite of having a hard race to cope with, he knew how to use his team mate Jorge Martínez’s Sunday drop-out in his own favour. Heller began that day standing far from the podium, but every cloud has a silver lining and car number 3 speeded up, while Pedro Heller kept on fighting for the first position. Triumph would remain within the Joker Rally Team. Finally, only two tenths left him on the top of the round as he could overcome the obstacles, proving that calm and focus are as determining as technique..

A special recognition goes to two great drivers of R2 and R3. Martín Scuncio, Point Cola Team, has clinched the R2 championship title two rounds away from the end of the season. This Argentinian didn’t make the best race of the year, definitely, but he got past his Saturday abandonment and go on along with Javiera Román. Emilio Fernández’s drop-out cleared the way for a crew that, before this race, already had a considerable edge at the Championship Standings with 103 points.

Vicente Israel, Monster ProCircuit Rally Team, obtained a positive outcome: second place at the Río Bueno – La Unión trophy. With this, he firmly holds onto the possibility to step up on the 2018 podium. He made a good performance this time, so he remains on his position as a championship candidate together with his cousin Samuel Israel, Ramón Ibarra and Emilio Rosselot.