Alberto Heller is the man of the hour. He’s won three consecutive rounds: Río Bueno – La Unión, Rally Australia (WRC) and Pichilemu. He’s crossed about 600 kilometers in less than a month and, besides from the talent, today he is enjoying great confidence, which has taken him to achieve results that he couldn’t have imagined, at the beginning of the year, he’d be capable of.

He won the round with a time of 1 hour, 22 minutes and 46 seconds, and, despite his brother Pedro is still leading R5, Beto’s level shown during the last part of the year is superlative. It wasn’t only that he won a round, it was that he beat nine drivers such as Alejandro Cancio, Pedro Heller, Jorge Martínez and, besides, he was capable of overcoming pressure of having to keep the pace on the first leg, and then manage what he was to do on the second day. Strategy, speed, consistency and nerves of steel in a driver who is young and shows great promise.

If Alberto wants to round off and enshrine the year by seizing the 2018 title and become part of RallyMobil’s history, he’ll have to take over the Motorshow and await his brother coming fourth. There’s no other way. There is now only to wait for the series’ definition and see how the driver of the hour carries out the closure of his best rally season.

Congratulations Beto!