The Joker Rally Team driver decided to continue in 2019 in the same Ford Fiesta that gave him so much satisfaction this year at RallyMobil Championship’s R5 and on the rounds he raced in WRC2.

Beto Heller had a year of growth; he found himself in a second semester filled with challenge and of great achievement, which he would never have expected at the beginning of the season. He got to the last round fighting for the title against his brother Pedro Heller and, besides winning three rounds, Vicuña, Río Bueno – La Unión and Pichilemu, he became the Motorshow champion, showing he’s at a really competitive level.

Amongst lots of team switching, buying, selling and signing, Beto preferred to keep the same Ford Fiesta. “I know how the car works, which gives me the confidence that I’ll continue to grow in it,” the youngest of the Heller Brothers assured.

Along with this, it’s already settled that he’ll race in WRC2, on seven or eight rounds, starting with Mexico and Argentina, and then come back to Chile. All this while he regularly participates in RallyMobil Championship, where he shall have the difficult task of beating more than 15 competitors, according to what’s expected from the major series run in Chile, up to now.