Alberto Heller has taken the Pichilemu trophy and is now six points ahead of his brother Pedro on the fight for the championship. The Ford Fiesta R5 duo keeps its high level, shown in both Río Bueno – La Unión and in  WRC Rally Australia. Now, the Heller – Díaz crew gets closer to the one who also did great at the international stage, finishing fourth, Pedro Heller and Pablo Olmos.

A thrilling ending for RallyMobil Championship is going on today as only one race is left before the year’s up. This, after the new triumph achieved by Alberto Heller and his Argentinian co-driver José “Pepe” Díaz by winning both legs in the surf world capital. The car number 3 duo stands second, behind the Ford Fiesta number 5 of Pedro Heller and Pablo Olmos, which was fourth on day 1.

Winners made a time of 1:22:46.0. The difference against the duo that trailed it was more than 15 seconds. “We’re happy of this triumph, because it shows the progress we’ve made this season. We’ll go all in at the Motorshow to fight till the end,”  Beto Heller said. For their part, Pedro and Pablo added up important points, to remain on top, not only those to obtain the fourth place, but also the extra score for having been the winners at the Super Special, special stage 13.

Heller and Olmos marked 1:23:52.3 upon the 150 kilometers that made up the seventh round. The championship now goes into a short three week recess, to travel to the Metropolitan Region, to Laguna Carén, where the Motroshow will be run on December 14 and 15. Either Alberto or Pedro will become the champion there, so the battle is within the family.