No doubt the driver of RallyMobil Championship’s fourth round is Alberto Heller. He overcame the difficulties of the roads in Vicuña, showing an outstanding development as a driver and winning over one of the strongest candidates of the season, his brother Pedro Heller.

The Joker Rally Team driver made a thrilling performance, he prevailed over top rivals and proved to be a skillful leader as he has achieved balance between speed and control upon driving his Ford Fiest R5. He displayed his confidence behind the wheel from the night Super Special Stage (Vicuña – Mamalluca; 5.57 km) on, as well as great determination as he stayed ahead  in 10 out of 12 stages. At 100.2 k/h, he was the fastest in Vicuña 2018 with a total time of 01:32:47.4 and conquered both days, gaining enormous satisfaction from getting into the season’s candidates list.

Alberto Heller did an almost perfect race at a round where 31 binomials stood on the start list and of which only 15 finished, so it’s a double feat. Obstacles, big stones at the side of the road and hot days turned this round into the hardest one so far. Even against such background he was crowned the great winner of the most important category in the RallyMobil Championship, beating Pedro Heller into second place with a 3.7 seconds difference. An astonishing performance by Alberto, who locked himself up in a warm embrace with the rest of the team as he got to the flying finish.

Congratulations Beto!