The driver of Curicó 2018 round is definitely Alejandro Cancio, who kept within the race and developing a strong performance to seize R5 victory in RallyMobil Championship.

The Argentinian won the first stage, putting out a strategy that would later give him the results we’ve already seen. All of this was combined with the incidents suffered by his closest rivals, of Joker Rally Team, Jorge Martínez, Alberto Heller and Pedro Heller, who gave away space through their dropouts, slashed tires and mechanical failures.

The second day was an easy task, but nothing’s said until you get down to the finish line… Having time on his side, winning was a matter of managing each special stage to remain on the top, a result which, during last round, Vicuña, was dashed by a retirement on Sunday’s first loop.

Cancio made a time of 01:48:38 at the 12 stages of the complex race, where the driver showed that using experience pays off. Conveyor Belt by Sköda Team must feel proud of having such an important exponent of this sport, who just won, a couple of weeks ago, an Argentinian Rally round, and is now confirming his quality as a driver with his RallyMobil Championship triumph.

We should also highlight Francisco “Chaleco” López’s great competition, since he achieved his first podium of the year, getting the second place at the Curicó trophy, in his native land. He knew how to overcome pressure and mistakes of the previous rounds to finally celebrate again. Chaleco clasped the seventh stage (Santo Domingo-Astilleros; 15:19) and conquered the peak of a sport that has given him  big satisfactions through the years. He obtained second position thanks to a time of 01:50:13, only 1:34 away from leader Alejandro Cancio.