In presence of Concepción’s Mayor, Álvaro Ortiz, Talcahuano’s Henry Campos, and Word Rally Championship’s (WRC) Executive Producer, Australian Simon Larkin, the official RallyMobil Championship launch was held at the Plaza de la Independencia of Concepción, to run the city for becoming a World Rally Championship stage for the years 2019, 2020 and 2021.

A Candidate Event wich not only inaugurates the official activities of the Rally Mobil Championship, but also initiates the international authorities’ inspections, which shall test RallyMobil’s attempt to include the city of Concepción within the WRC calendar.

Among the conference attendees was the WRC promoter, Simon Larkin, who assured that this is the final instance for the Biobío Region’s capital to become a participant of this world event. This, after the final report is delivered at the WRC and the International Automobile Federation (FIA) managements in July.

The Australian promoter, who a year ago was present at the region during the second race of its season, was quite impressed by the beauty of the Biobío landscapes and tracks, as well as by the R world classes’ competitive edge, which will have their R5 debut in this championship.

This new category will be featuring figures such as Pedro and Alberto Heller (Ford-Joker-PF-Mobil), Francisco “Chaleco” Lopez (Peugeot Sport Chile / Copec by Chaleco Racing), Jorge Martinez (Peugeot Sport Chile / Copec by Joker ), Luis Ignacio Rosellot (Mitsubishi Motors), Benjamin Israel (Monster-Citroën-Procircuit) and Felipe Rossi (Ford-Joker-PF-Mobil), among others.