At the Administration Office of the Biobío Region was held the formal launching of the world round, to be run in 2019, a race which will include 12 communes at the area and will go across 330 kilometers of speed and adrenaline roads. The presentation was leaded by Felipe Horta, RallyMobil’s Senior Producer, Rodrigo Medina, the General of the Eighth Area of Crabineros (Police), Mauricio Melo, President of the Chilean Automobile Sports Federation, Gonzalo Concha, President of its Rally Commission and Jorge Ulloa, Biobío Region Intendant.

A press conference took place in front of several media, local authorities and general public, to introduce the events that will occur from 9 to 12 May 2019 in Concepción and its surroundings, since the race will pass through most part of the region and will cover almost all of its hotel capacity, another challenge that Chile takes on as it hosts this great sports adventure.

“It’s been years of work, a stage that culminates with Chile’s inclusion in the WRC Calendar, but now we have even more work to do. We’ve come to the Championship’s consolidation thanks to the hard work of many people all along,” Felipe Horta declared.

The importance of safety was also highlighted. The Police and Firemen, as well as the future attendants to the race themselves are the first responsibles for the prevention of an accident and therefore for allowing our nation to have more WRC rounds in the years to come. Up to now, Chile has been awarded three rounds in Concepción, which means hosting the World Rally Championship in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

As usual, the complete ceremony was streamed on RallyMobil’s Facebook Fanpage. Watch here WRC in Chile launch streaming.