Javier Scuncio,Martín Scuncio´s brother, who is the current RallyMobil R2 champion, is getting ready for the Motorshow, this December 15 in Parque Motro Laguna Carén (Carén Lagoon Motor Park). The idea within Point Cola Team is to have Javier racing on the circuit in the Peugeot 208, driven by Martín in 2017.

The Motroshow is the perfect round for competitors to surprise and terminate the year thinking on next year and on new stuff, hence Point Cola Team doesn’t want to be left behind. Javier’s participation will thus bring something special to R2 category, as once again a race track driver joins this kind of competition.

In spite of having had little preparation time, he seems confident in having a great experience ahead of him. ” The truth is we only trained once, we coud only take a couple laps in the car and know its behaviour on gravel, the truth is it’s very different from everything I had driven before and I think the adaptation process is going to be a long-term one. I hope we can test the car a little more before the Motorshow to get there more prepared, yet we’ll enjoy and learn anyways,” Javier said.

Martín awaits a response from the Chilean Car Racing Federation (FADECH) to confirm his brother’s inclusion in the 2018 season final round. “I don’t have a reply from FADECH yet, to know what I need to do in order to get him on the race,”  the R2 champions admits. And although we imagined him having a forward-looking perspective (on the coming season), the team has assured that Javier will only race this round, since his priority is the race track.

“My idea is to see whether I like competing on gravel, so as to get closer to rally easy, adapting to one thing at a time, first to gravel and then to the co-driver. After racing by myself my whole life, I believe it will be pretty complicated to get used to it,” Javier argued regarding driving next to a co-driver.