The Czech manufacturer’s representatives have worked hard for the seventh round of the season. While Alejandro Cancio is going to seek a good result which allows him to step on the podium, Cristóbal Vidaurre has announced he’ll try to seize the round.

No speculation. This is the watchword within the CBTech Rally by Skoda Team, a squad that’s part of the R5 series in RallyMobil, now in Pichilemu to dispute the seventh rally of the calendar. On a gradually improving level, this team’s drivers head towards the coastal area in the Sixth Region aiming to stand at the top positions of the world category.

The seventh RallyMobil round puts on a very tight sports scene, it’s four drivers having true chances to fight for the R5 title until the end. The race provides for 150 kilometers of competitive course, divided in 13 special stages, which are to be sorted out by the more than thirty duos.

The Pichilemu challenge has driven Alejandro Cancio, a driver who is now on the fourth championship standing and is already part of the leading group in R5. With his chances untouched, after the podium he obtained at the last round in Río Bueno and La Unión, the driver aboard the Skoda Fabia R5 will go out there to get a result that brings him closer to the leadership of the series.

Regarding his race expectations, Cancio said: “It’s a done deal that we are at the top of the R5 category, so we’re going out there to fight for every meter and second. We´ve got the best car of the series and this gives us the confidence to go forward and fight til the end to be among the first three in R5.”

Another one who comes enthusiastic to the surf capital is Cristóbal Vidaurre. The current RallyMobil champion will strive to finish the year at the highest level, regaining the trust to part of the main group at the seventh round of this national contest. On the eve of the race, the multi champion has completed a series of trainings in the Skoda Fabia, so he’s come calm to face the race.

Car number one driver pointed out: “I have confidence in what we can do in Pichilemu. I said on social networks that I want to win this race and I’ll fight for it. Together with Rubén García, my co-driver, we’ve learned a lot about the car and I think it’s time to give back the team’s effort in a triumph.”

Thus, CBTech Rally by Skoda Team drivers are now in Pichilemu and have their minds set on a victory that changes the sports scene in R5. Participants will carry out recconnaisance on Thursday and Shakedown and Opening Ceremony are taking place on Friday.