Chileans shivered after a shocking news was announced on July 4th, 2015, at 12:30 p.m. On Huelquén, route G645, Km 16, driver Carlo de Gavardo had surprisingly collapsed and passed away. A tough blow to the motorsport world in Chile and everywhere. An amazing person, sportsman, father and son had left us.

De Gavardo not only made his mark on every sports instance he was part of; he was a pioneer, he became a symbol, opening the way for new generations. Many saw his effort and persistence as an example to make dreams come true. His broad career makes him one of our country’s most important figure in sports history.

The ex motorcyclist is remembered in Chile as a forefather at Dakar, the most arduous race in the world. He even was a prime mover for the competition to come to South America in 2009, after some issues in Africa 2008.

Carlo de Gavardo gave up motorcycles and got on a car at the very Dakar, and later on, during his last four years, he accomplished his career through RallyMobil Championship, leaving an unforgettable trace amongst his peers, mechanics teams, organization developers and fans.

Three years after his departure we want to pay tribute to his figure and legacy. We will never forget you, you come along with us across every road. Thank you Carlo De Gavardo!