Francisco “Chaleco” López feels ready to face RallyMobil Championship’s sixth round, to be disputed from this Friday 19 through Sunday 21 along a total distance of 440.06 km.

“This rally’s gonna be nice. Plenty of rain falls so you must wear special shoes and the right clothes so you don’t get soaking wet,” was the first commentary heard from the representative of Peugeot Sport Chile/ Copez Cooper Tires Team, as he arrived to Río Bueno.

The native from Teno, sixth on R5 Drivers’ Standings, is in Los Ríos Region expecting to repeat what he did at the last round in Curicó, where he conquered second place, following Argentinian Alejandro Cancio.

“I’ve been getting to know the R5 better at each round, it’s very different in every aspect from R2 category, from which I leaped to the maximum series. The main thing is that I’ve found my pace, which gives me a lot of confidence and a sense of security to go further,” the Peugeot Sport Chile driver, who drives next to Nicolás Levalle, explains.

A themed display will have this round at a rainy region, where, until today, heavy rainfall is expected. For this Thursday and until Sunday, light showers have been forecasted, which will obviously impinge upon the race.

“I’m quite comfortable competing under these weather conditions, on damp floor, although the roads at this area are good and compact. The only problem is for the people, so it would be ideal to have a cloudy or sunny day, so that they can enjoy more on the road and at the Service Park,” says López about the weather.

R5 seems very competitive to him, pretty mad, therefore he’ll focus on not making any mistakes, make good pace notes together with Levalle and keep the leading pace he found in Curicó. Even more now since he’ll have to get ready for the world round Chile has attained for May 9 through 12, 2019, where he is willing to compete.

RallyMobil starts on Friday at 8:00 PM in Carlos Condell Square, Río Bueno. On Saturday, the rally begins between 9:33 and 3:00PM, along 97.83 km and 148.36 km of road sections, which make up a total of 246.19 km.  The race on Sunday is set from 8:20 to 15:30; 66.4 km of special stages, 127.44 km of laisons and a total of 193.87 km.