The Chilean duo of RallyMobil driver, Francisco “Chaleco” López, and his co-driver Álvaro León made a great debut in the Side by Side (SxS) category, as they obtained second place on the first day of the 41° version of Dakar, beteween Lima and Pisco, along a total of 331 kilometers. The initial competition of the 84 thousand meter trial was won by Brazilian Reinaldo Varela with 1 hour, 12 minutes and 40 seconds.

“It was a gruelling day, which Álvaro León and I really enjoyed though, so it was good in the end. It was also lots of stress for everyone. The day was cloudy, very hot and had a very technical stage, with plenty of blind spots, river beds, dust, tracks and traces. This allowed us to be careful in order to get a significant position after the 2018 champion, which left us quite satisfied,” said the Copec official driver.

After the first leg, the competitors will face on Tuesday a sandy second day of 552 kilometers, of which 342 make up the special stages. It’s certainly the perfect occasion to get the first positions, specially at the category that will first hit the road and have no motorcycle tracks to follow. Under such circumstances, the correct fulfillment of co-driving tasks become vital and Álvaro León will have a key role with his five-year experience on the right seat.