Only a few days are left before the next RallyMobil Championship round. Here’s all the information about roads locations and Service Park in Curicó. This spot is where the cars are fixed and set up, before the race and between stages, and is also where drivers share with the fans, those who look for their favourite ones and seek to live the RallyMobil experience to its fullest.

If you want to visit the road to support your teams, check the map with every stage for Saturday and Sunday. Don’t forget to respect safety means, set by the organization, so we can really enjoy and join the competitors.

According to the schedule, Shakedown is set on Friday, at 14:30, at El Prado. This Stage has 2.4 km. The Opening Ceremony is set for that same day at 7 pm, at the Main Square, while Service Park isplaced at General Freire aerodrome, in Altos de Zapallar, Puente Colorado.


Up to August 27, 22 duos are on the entry list, nevertheless, two of them, Jorge Lavezzolo (N3) and Lautaro Marini (R3L), will be in only once they pass a sufficiency test and the co-driver’s experience is verified. This test is taken during Shakedown and is intended to keep competitor’s safety and ensure the participants’ proper performance.

See you on the road!