Hoping to put up a good performance at the penultimate RallyMobil round is the duo composed of Eduardo Kovacs and Argentinian driver Juán Pablo Carrera. The R2 crew, in an Opel Adam, faces the Pichilemu trophy with the clear goal of finishing on the podium of the 1,000 cc turbo and 1,600 aspirated cars category.

“On the threshold of this round we’ve had the chance to test on about 50 kilometers. We have tranquillity since the Opel has arrived in perfect conditions, so we’ll try to regain the Curicó pace,” the national driver argued, who, together with Carrera, finished in third position at the fifth rally of the season. “Our goal is to go from least to most, finisg the first day within the frst five and clinch Sunday among the three leaders,” the local from Santiago pointed out.

The Pichilemu trophy starts on Friday 23 with the Opening Ceremony, which will be held at 8:00 PM at Arturo Prat Main Square in the surf capital.