A new Rally Biobío round will be held this weekend in the South of Chile and, as usual, this race serves as a good practice for many crews that belong to the RallyMobil Championship. The sixth round of the local rally will be run November 10 and 11 in Concpeción.

This time, the duos that will earn kilometers at the Concepción tournament will be: The recently crowned R2 champions, Martín Scuncio and Javiera Román; Jorge Arévalo with Francisco Faúndez; Felipe Cid together with César González; and Jorge Lavezzolo and Sebastián Arancibia, who are part of N3.

Luis Martínez and Manuel Sanhueza will compete in R2 in the Opel Adam that the Spaniard acquired a few weeks ago after an agreement with Felipe Padilla. The Argentinian pair of Lautaro Marini and Barry Cruces will be stimulating R3, while Rodrigo Ruiz de Loyzaga, along with Sebastián Medrano, and Felipe Padilla plus Hermann Grollmus, will be the stars of the UTV Turbo class.

Like always, the previous training is paramount, in order to get to RallyMobil in good conditions, so local competitions help them prepare the race much more fully. Teams have Pichilemu on their minds, and nothing else, for this is a fundamental round in the last part of the 2018 calendar.