The national driver, who together with his brother Ramón animate RallyMobil Championship’s R3 category, is back to the aspirated Renault Clio, since the incident he had in Río Bueno – La Unión forced him to drop out from the first leg. The damage has not been fixed yet, so the youngest Ibarra shall try to add up points in the other Clio.

We found out about the news after Ramón revealed the team’s decision on +Motor Radio. Actually, at the last round, the option to restart was dismissed considering the car’s conditions. “We weren’t going to risk the car too much,” the eldest brother said.

“The Clio Trubo needs several repairs and because of a timing thing it’s hard to put it in proper conditions for Pichilemu,” Cristóbal Ibarra stated.

Although Cristóbal stands among the five best drivers in his category, he is too many points far from the podium to get in the fight for it. He currently owns 46 points in the championship standings table, following his brother, who’s at the fourth position with 90 points.