Vicuña is in the past and the fifth round of RallyMobil Championship looms at the horizon. We will be approaching Curicó 2018 in a short while, a round which shall be vital to define standings for what’s left of the season.

The last time an official race was held at this city was for the second round of the 2012 RallyMobil season and Ramón Ibarra was the winner, who at that time was competing for the Hankook Suzuki Majorette squad, in N3. “This was a hard rally, mostly because today we have four or more crews at a very good level, so you need to fight at every second during the whole weekend to get a chance to stand on the podium. I am very happy that I have achieved this triumph, since it proves in some way that I’m still in force and competitive,” the eldest Ibarra declared back then.

We are talking about a time when the championship didn’t have the categories it features now, so the outcome will be a totally different one. We shall see, as days go by, which duos will participate in Curicó 2018, after a severe fourth round at the North of Chile.