The latest +Motor Radio episode was delivered last night from Plaza Gabriela Mistral de Vicuña (Vicuña’s Main Square), the community’s meeting and activities center. Of course RallyMobil chose this place, we feel at home as this is the third time in a row we have a race in this city.

We had leading figures at the natural set, on a beautiful scene, one that encourages the teams to give it everything they have on the Northern roads. Emilio Rosselot, of the R3 group, guaranteed he will be going full throttle together with his co-driver Tomás Cañete, and that they expect to have a good performance from the start on.

The duo that recently raced on Finnish land, Emilio Fernández and Joaquín Riquelme, also came to the show. “It was a great experience racing a new round of the Junior WRC,” the Susaron Rally Team driver declared. The Joker Rally Team also wanted to tell us about their impression on Vicuña 2018 only hours away from the start, through enthusiastics Alberto Heller and Jorge Martínez, who assured that the competition for R5 is really heating up.

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