Eduardo Kovacs is a driver who benefits from his extensive experience, a wide talent and a nerve that allows him to overcome complications which are inherent to a sport such as rally. This year he had gone through more than one shift on his co-driver’s seat, and results didn’t come out until Curicó’s trophy, where he achieved third place in R2 together with Juán Pablo Carrera.

The driver of car 72 opened this season in a duo with Gustavo Beccaria, at the Candidate Event in Concepción, and continued along with him in Los Ángeles. Then, he arrived to Frutillar with Sebastián Waeger, and later, in Vicuña, he raced with current partner Juán Pablo Carrera. A noticeable improvement was seen at the round in the North of Chile, so it was expected that he did what he did, returning to the next round with the same co-driver. The Argentinian went up the podium beside Eduardo, to celebrate, for once and for all, in this 2018 RallyMobil Championship.

Kovacs developed a prudent and strategic race in Curicó, so he was able to keep a flawless appearance at the technical parts of the road and to tackle the longest stretch of the round, Santo Domingo – Astilleros (25.66 km). This one was done three times, special stages 3, 7 and 11. Eduardo marked his best times on the first two, becoming the third fastest at both of them. This gave him a significant advantage over the others to continue on the fight for the podium.

The Opel Adam couple could finally celebrate a reassuring third position, after making a time of 2 hours, 2 minutes and 51 seconds, in an appropriate and clever way