As part of the celebration of the 5 years of partnership with Kovacs, the main sails and products service distributor of General Motors in Chile, Airlife, confirmed its commitment with its embassador, Eduardo Kovacs. Like this, it will continue to provide fresh air at the driver’s races in his Opel Adam and in each of its technical service stations.

“Every sport is related to safety nowadays. Airlife is consumer oriented, allowing the cars’ air conditioners and pipelines to remain in perfect conditions. It gives safety to both the person and the environment,” and he adds “I’ve experienced the evolution of Airlife, what it gives to the client, a healthy and friendly product. Today, it is at a mature and successful period,” the RallyMobil participant concludes.

Airlife is present at every Kovacs service station across the country. “In every one of them, clients demand it. This technology is part of the car’s preventive maintenance to them,” the driver says.