Just two days before the Grand Prix of Concepcion starts, a race that will also serve as a Candidate Event for the postulation of Chile to a World Rally Championship (WRC) scheduled date, the Kovacs Sport team prepares meticulously to face this season with the idea to be among the top three of its category.

The ambitious goal set for this season is explained by the restructuring of the team, which will now have Eduardo Kovacs as its sole representative. A decision that means having exclusive support during the assistance and with it a greater regularity from the mechanical point of view.

Another of the big changes suffered by the team is the incorporation of the experienced Argentinian navigator Gustavo Beccaria, who will help Kovacs to refine its road map and work on strengthening his driving. Beccaria, who cruised Kovacs in the past with excellent results, will be key to the claims of the pilot of the Opel Adam.

“I´m very enthusiastic about what we can do this season. The change of structure will allow us to have a more reliable car to finish all races in good conditions. If I add the arrival of Gustavo Beccaria to it, with his tremendous experience, this should be a year to think of being among the best of the R2, “explained Kovacs.

In the same line his navigator trusts in the skills of his pilot to deal with the best of the series. “Eduardo (Kovacs) is a very talented and disciplined driver, I am sure that together we will have great results. This team structure will help us to be more relaxed in the assistance and with all eyes set on solving the problems that arise during the race”, said the argentine navigator.